Accel, the CoQ10 Supplement with a Difference

You would have heard of Accel, the CoQ10 food supplement with a difference from Primal Force. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound and to some it may sound too good to be true that it can change your life.

Before we move forward, let us first understand the importance of food supplements.

Why Are Food Supplements So Necessary Today

The human body is a complex system of action and reciprocal actions; a missing link can lead to health problems, some of them serious and difficult to treat. This is the reason why doctors insist on consuming a healthy and balance diet so that you get all the nutrients that the body requires to maintain itself in optimal condition.

Let us all be frank about it; do you think that it is possible in the modern scene where pressures of life and sometimes survival is all that one can think of. Add to that the type of refined food containing preservatives that we find on the shelves and you are sure that there will always be something missing, if not harmful, in your diet. Moreover, the production of some essential substances that the body produces naturally tends to fall due to prevalence of disease as well as with advancing age.

It all boils to a situation where you cannot deny the fact that food supplements have become a necessity in the modern scene and are here to stay.

Accel, CoQ10 Supplement with a Difference

Accel is a concentrated form of coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance present in every cell in the body. Since the primary function of CoQ10 is to generate energy, it is concentrated in organs that need it the most, heart, kidneys and liver. So far so good, but the problem is that there are conditions where the level of this primary energy source is depleted. The major reasons are advancing age and drugs used for prevention as well as treatment of heart disease.

In either case, lower level of CoQ10 results in lack of energy and vitality, which, as we grow older, most of us learn to live with. It need not be like that any longer. With CoQ10 supplementation, it is possible to delay the symptoms of old age and improve the quality of your life. The best part is that one needs to take only one dose of 50mg Accel by Primal Force instead of 200 mg, which was the case with earlier forms of CoQ10 supplements.

Accel CoQ10 supplement uses the more potent form of coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the electron rich or the reduced form of coenzyme Q10. Ubiquinol is a potent antioxidant that fights free radical and prevents damage due to oxidation. The importance of ubiquinol can be understood by the fact that it is the only lipid soluble antioxidant synthesized by the body. There is adequate evidence to support that ubiquinol is involved in the aging process.

A single daily dose of Accel can help support the cardiovascular system, increase energy levels, maintain dental health, improve memory and promote the health of immune system.

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