Vitamin D-3 Drops

Missing Bone and Blood Pressure Support – Try Primal Vitamin D-3 Drops

If you think that you are reaching an age where you are starting to think about bone health and blood pressure, then it is time that you checked out what Dr. Sears has to offer with his Vitamin D-3 Drops. With the kind of lifestyle that we lead today, none of us really get the kind of Vitamin D levels that we need to keep our bones and blood pressure under control. This is because sunlight is the only way in which we can get adequate levels of vitamin D into our system.

Here are a few facts about vitamin D that you need to know:

  • Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system so that it can perform at the optimum level and ensure that your body is fighting (literally) fit
  • Aids in maintaining and controlling blood pressure and therefore keeps your heart healthy too
  • Ensures that the calcium balance in the body is perfect so that you bone density can be maintained
  • Aids in a healthy cell division rate
  • May be helpful in managing healthy levels of insulin secretion to enable healthy sugar levels in the blood
  • Helps in neuromuscular performance so that we are able to manage motor skills and balance as age catches on

It is estimated that a healthy body needs 4000 IU of vitamin D everyday and while the recommended levels are far lower than that, it is a surprise that most people do not get their recommended levels too.

At last there is a manner in which you can get your share of the vitamin D that you need without having to stand in the sun all day. Primal Force brings to you Primal Vitamin 3-D Drops. All that you need to do is to add 3 drops into your favorite beverage and consume each day. Can it get simpler than that?

Price: $35.00

Contents: 1 fluid ounce (29.6 ml)

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Vitamin D3

Put the power of sunshine in the palm of your hand. The essential benefits of golden sunshine can now be found in Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Vitamin D3 capsules.

Taking 5,000 IU (one capsule) per day, Vitamin D3:

  • Promotes normal cell growth
  • Promotes bone health
  • Maintains a healthy heart and brain
  • Maintains normal blood pressure
  • Maintains normal blood glucose levels
  • Promotes a healthy immune system

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Vitamin D3 contains 5,000 I.U. of Vitamin D. You’d need to drink 50 glasses of whole milk each day to obtain the same amount of powerful health benefits!

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Vitamin D3 capsules supply natural vitamin D, an essential fat-soluble nutrient important for normal development of healthy teeth and bones.

Our bodies may be conditioned to produce less vitamin D during the winter months, when sunlight is less readily available for many. However, that is when other seasonal stresses come into play. Vitamin D3 helps keeps your body strong all year long.

Supplement your sunshine with Vitamin D3. Get on the offensive and revitalize your life. Fight back with the intensity of pure sunshine found in Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Vitamin D3 supplements.

Primal Force’s Vitamin C with Quercetin

Vitamin C may be one of the most overlooked vitamins on the planet. Because humans are one of the only species to lose the ability to make its own vitamin C, it must come from your diet. But your dietary sources are losing their punch. Most animals make 4,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C just to carry out regular functions. Most people are lucky to get 150 mg a day from their normal diet.

Aside from regular maintenance, vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen, which forms the walls of you blood vessels. This makes vitamin C a key player for heart and brain health. It’s also a powerful antioxidant and critical for good skin.

Primal Force’s Vitamin B12 Lozenges

You may be lacking in B12 without even knowing it. As levels in your diet continue to fall, B12 deficiency is more and more common. The symptoms can creep up on you: Fatigue, low energy and trouble concentrating.

Dr. Sears’ convenient B12 lozenges give you an easy “pick-me-up” anytime, anywhere. Just one lozenge gives you an immediate energy boost, better concentration and mental focus, reduces stress and irritability and clears your thinking, eliminating “brain fog.”*

Primal Force’s Vinpocetine

A derivative of the periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine is a powerful brain booster.*

Its most powerful effect is circulation in the brain, enhancing both your blood flow and oxygen utilization. By preventing the loss of a chemical messenger, GMP, which in its degraded form causes constriction of the blood vessels, Vinpocetine maintains a free flow in your cerebral arteries.

Vinpocetine also enhances the electrical conductivity of your brain’s neural network, and protects cells from damage caused by an excessive release of intracellular calcium.*

Primal Force’s Ultra Greens

Can’t down those veggies? Get Primal Force Ultra Greens Today!

All because of Dr. Sears interesting formula now you can get the powerful force of all those vegetables that you ought to eat. So you do not have to worry about the missing nutrients in your diet. What’s more you can also push all the toxins right out of your body with Ultra Greens.

The recommended levels of vegetable and fruit servings in a day are about 5 to 7. This is something that you will probably never be able to fit into your tight schedule and even if you do, the regular stuff that you get in the market is probably full of toxins than the powerful ingredients that you need. The USDS also admits that the level of nutrients in farm produce has fallen by more than 80 percent in the last 30 years.

Take 2 teaspoons of Ultra Greens and you can drive those menacing toxins out of your blood, tissues and cells. Primal Force Ultra Greens contains spirulina, barley grass, chlorophyll and these are the 3 super ingredients that make Ultra Greens what it is.

With unmatched performance for years, Ultra Greens is your best bet to get in the nutrients that you need to keep your body healthy without compromising on anything else.

Get Ultra Greens to work for you like it is for thousands of others!

Price: $34.95

Contents: 8.8 ozs

Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support
Complete Support for Normal Thyroid Function

Almost everyone’s heard somebody say, “I can’t help being overweight. It’s my hormones.” There may be more truth to this than we know.

Low levels of thyroid hormone may not require medical treatment, but they can cause unwelcome weight gain.

Maintaining normal weight is just one good reason to promote thyroid health. A healthy thyroid also supports normal homocysteine and cholesterol levels. It helps maintain healthy nails and skin. Your thyroid can affect your energy levels… and even your moods.

Here’s one more good reason to promote a healthy thyroid:  Normal thyroid activity is also important for heart health.

Fortunately, you can finally do something to support normal thyroid function. Primal Force Thyroid Support encourages normal thyroid activity by providing the nutrients your body needs to keep this important gland humming.

Support Beyond Basic Nutrition

Getting enough of the right nutrients can promote normal thyroid function. And that’s why Thyroid Support provides…

  • Hard-to find iodine. If you’ve cut your salt intake, you’ve also cut iodine. And iodine is critical for thyroid health.
  • Selenium. This rare mineral supports normal levels of the critical thyroid hormones T3 and T4.
  • Copper and zinc. Animal studies suggest these two minerals are essential for healthy thyroid function.
  • L-Tyrosine. This building block of all thyroid hormones gives your body the raw materials it needs to maintain healthy hormone levels.

Plus, Thyroid Support delivers powerful thyroid-boosting herbs and other vitamins and minerals your body needs to promote normal thyroid function.

If a sluggish thyroid is dragging you down… causing you pain… taking the life out of your skin and hair… or even packing on unwanted pounds… Thyroid Support’s balanced nutrition can get you back in the game.

Primal Force’s Smooth On

Never take that Pain Killer Pill Again – Tropical and Effective Solutions for Pain

Have you never had a situation where you can apply as much tropical pain killers as you want but nothing seems to work? Well it obviously happens because there is no way any of those ingredients that are present in the tropical medication will work unless there is a mechanism by which the ingredients can be absorbed in the skin and get to work.

Even though there is no proof of the fact that any of the latest medications work better than the age old aspirin, doctors seem to never get tired of prescribing medicines that have side effects that are probably worse than the pain itself. Some of these latest drugs have known to trigger heart attacks and more.

But this does not mean that you have no choice but to suffer and tolerate the pain. Smooth On by Dr. Sears is a phenomenal formula that obstructs the pain in minutes. Try it and you can see for yourself how the pain just vanishes in a few minutes after you rub it in.

Smooth On was created after deliberate research at the Wellness research Foundation where they wanted to find a better solution to pain management other than those that left you with numerous side effects. The result was Smooth On.

Smooth on has 12 botanical ingredients that are obviously safer than the chemical drugs that you may have used before. There are no side effects whatsoever, let alone those that are as scary as heart attacks. In addition to that with Smooth On you do not have to wait for the pain to reach the sensitive area and start acting – the effect is instantaneous.

So what are you waiting for? Get these drops and say goodbye to pain!

Price: $34.95

Contents: 1 fluid ounce

Primal Force’s Sensuality

The Best Way for a Woman to Keep her Sex Drive Alive

Dr. Sears Primal Force Sensuality formula helps you gain sexual desire like never before and also gives you the energy and ability to perform.

The reason why many women lose interest after a few years is because they are not aware of this one special and secret natural ingredient that they need to feel the maximum impact of sexual pleasure. This elixir is present in your own system but unfortunately modern science does not capitalize on natural ways to make you feel better and live a fuller life.

Primal Force’s Sensuality influences your systems to ensure the greatest pleasure, optimum desire and excitement. You may be surprised that it is not only men who need testosterone. Lack of this hormone can lead women to feel lethargic, tired and listless. There is also a lack of motivation and a lack of desire to do anything. Women also need to know that without a surge of blood flow there is no way that sexual pleasure can be felt adequately.

So what you need to boost that desire is a boost in testosterone levels and better blood flow. And this is when you can experience things that you have never experienced before.

Try Sensuality and you will know for sure. There are no side effects and if you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund!

So put this product to the test today and see how it comes out with flying colors.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 60 capsules

Primal Force’s SAM-e

Get Natural Relief from both Physical and Emotional Pain – Without Toxic Prescription Drugs…

Feeling low or run down? Before you take prescription medications for emotional or physical pain, there’s something you should know: You have another option.

There’s a remarkable nutrient widely used in Europe – but virtually unused by American doctors. It relieves joint pain and improves mood without any side effects.

It’s called SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine).