Primal Force’s CoQ10

Dr. Sears Solution that Powers up your Heart and Brain by charging each and every Cell in your System

CoQ10 is the compound that is required by your body so that you can pack your day with the energy that you need. But the modern way of cooking and preparing food has made sure (if nothing else) that the CoQ10 is almost negligible. Internal production decreases with age and therefore you feel tired and lethargic as you grow older.

But Dr. Sears CoQ10 formula ensures that you each and every cell in your body is charged up, especially those in your heart and brain.

Research done by Dr. Sears shows that more than 80 percent of people lack the levels of CoQ10 that they need to manage their daily affairs. But this formula from Dr. Sears helps you maintain required levels as you prevent the degeneration that is otherwise inevitable as you age.

With this energy packed CoQ10 formula you can put back the energy in your life and prevent heart diseases and other risks associated with an aging brain. This formula helps in keeping the brain fog at bay and you can be sure to have a razor sharp memory even after you have lived many years. Maintenance of blood pressure levels, strengthening of the immune system and the extra energy to increase endurance and stamina are some of the few other benefits of CoQ10.

Dr. Sears has proven in a study that the lifespan of female mice can be increased up to 56 percent with this excellent and effective formula. Dr. Steve Harris of UCLA Medical Center raised the average life span of female mice by using CoQ10 and also showed that they look younger and more active.

While you can find other brands that offer CoQ10, there is none that can match the absorption quality of Dr. Sears formula. The gel form is more than 3 times more absorption power than the powder or tablet form. So don’t waste your money because CoQ10 that is not absorbed cannot benefit you!

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Price: $66.00

Contents: 30 softgels (100mg)

Primal Force’s Cholesterol Support

Your heart needs both kinds of cholesterol – HDL and LDL – to stay healthy. But getting the right balance is critical. Over 50 years of research reveals the power of HDL to keep your heart healthy and your arteries clear.

Cholesterol Support supports healthy levels of HDL cholesterol and helps maintain lower levels of triglycerides (blood fat)*, which is a known risk factor for heart disease. Formulated by Dr. Sears after 5 years of research, Cholesterol Support is patient tested and proven safe.

Primal Force’s Accel

Revamped with Tocotrienols – Accel gets BETTER!

Now get a better energy boost with the revamped and new Accel formula from Primal Force. Accel has been known to work due to the active form of CoQ10, ubiquinol, the most critical part of the Accel formula. And you need to know that this is the same source of energy that your body’s mitochondria use to generate energy naturally.

But did you know that tocotrienols is extremely active Vitamin E that fight oxidative stress. This wonderful ingredient also helps promote the inflammatory response. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of tocotrienols:

  • Helps improve blood circulation and maintains heart arterial health
  • Ensures that your cholesterol levels and soluble fat blood levels remain in balance
  • Ensures that blood sugar levels remain in the normal range
  • Helps promote health DNA and cell growth

CoQ10 and tocotrienols combined can help support your cardiovascular function by crushing free radicals. The importance of tocotrienols is known by all but the fact is that they are extremely difficult to synthesize and so when you go ahead and buy multivitamin tablets you will see that it says ‘vitamin E as tocopherols’. This is the other half of what vitamin E is supposed to contain. But the manufacturers and the doctors forget to mention how important tocotrienols are since it is so difficult to get commercially.

Dr. Sears brings this unique and never-before formula for you to give you complete energy and vitality as you may have never seen before.

Price: $39.95
Contents: 30 capsules (50mg)

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