Ginger Rescue

With 12 Antioxidants More Potent Than Vitamin E

Antioxidants Galore!

You probably know that your body is always under attack from free radicals that are created in the human system along with all the toxins that are in the environment. And if you have been reading health news, then you will also know that antioxidants fight these free radicals and ensure that your body stays fit and healthy.

But did you know that Ginger Rescue contains 12 antioxidants that are far more potent that just Vitamin E? And this is the reason why Ginger Rescue is the best and most effective defense against the onslaught of free radicals and any kind of damage to the cells. This product also helps in making you stay and look younger by not allowing cellular damage to happen at the pace that it would otherwise.

Check out what this great ginger product has to offer in terms of maintaining your health:

  • No more irregularities with a perfect digestive system that functions efficiently each day
  • Pregnant women can kiss morning sickness goodbye
  • Remove nausea caused by any other reason too
  • Ease off the effect of inflammation that can cause various internal health problems
  • Play the sports that you want to with no more aches and pains even at a ripe age of 60
  • Lower LDL or bad cholesterol and plaque

Women can benefit immensely from this product since it eases pain caused during menstruation

Even more amazing is the fact that these are just the few benefits that have been researched and understood so far. As you read this, there are other benefits that are being discovered and documented. Some early studies reveal that Ginger Rescue helps in making blood vessels flexible and therefore healthy. The blood flows better in these vessels and it also supports blood sugar control and management. Needless to say, we all know what better blood flow does to sexual desire and pleasure as well.

While you may consume ginger as part of your meal, Ginger Rescue packs the goodness of ginger in such a manner than eating half a teaspoon is equivalent of consuming 6000mg of fresh ginger. There is no better way of availing of all the benefits of this wonder spice except with Ginger Rescue.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 48 servings

Daily Power

A Daily Power a Day, Keeps the Fatigue Away

If you have a constant feeling that you are tired and fatigued and have some more serious issue, then you may be surprised to know that your multi-vitamin tablet may be the culprit. A simple survey of the supermarkets will tell you that most of the brands that you can find in the market themselves lack in the minerals and vitamins that they are supposed to boost.

So what you have is a body that is deplete of vitamins thanks to the kind of diet and foods that are available and the multivitamin supplements are not helping either.

Dr. Sears Daily Power has 39 essential nutrients in the right proportions to ensure that you get your daily dose of power and energy. Some of the nutrients present in this dose of Daily Power include:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – This helps you fight free radicals and it does so in the fatty and water areas of the cell. It therefore helps in fighting atherosclerosis, neurological disorders and lung disease too. Three tablet gives you 50mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid daily.
  • Vitamin B1 – Also called Thiamine, vitamin B1 increases blood circulation and brain function. It also helps you fight the aging process. Forty milligrams of thiamine is delivered with the daily dose, 27 times more than most leading brands.
  • Boron – Eases joint pains, this trace mineral reduces inflammation too. Boron is a mineral that is not found in adequate quantities in the soil anymore and therefore is not present in the vegetables that you eat to the extent that is required. Three tablets include 2mg of boron that you need daily.

Daily power gives you all that you need in 3 tablets as compared to the 14 that you would need to take otherwise.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 90 tablets

Primal Force’s Choline Punch

Feeling Jittery – Pop in Choline Punch and Get on with it

Get energy that just does not decrease for the action packed days that you have to face with this rain forest herb.

Adding one spoonful of Choline Punch to your beverage in the morning can help you get alert, gain mental clarity, better memory and recall and better motor coordination so that you can get on with the things that you need to do without lapsing.

When Dr. Sears traversed the Amazon forests of Peru, he found this powerful and effective herb that Amazon River Basin Indians use to avert fatigue and to increase stamina. While this is part of folklore, ti has also been seen in some of the experiments that have been carried out.

Along with another brain booster, Choline Punch gives you all that you need to whiz past a day successfully and triumphantly.

The active herb called Paullina cupana contains guaranine. While guaranine belongs to the caffeine family, it has an effect that is slightly different. It does not boost energy immediately only to let you fall down after a few hours. The effect of this active ingredient starts and lasts for the whole day so that you do not have to keep ‘topping up’.

This ingredient helps in releasing acetylcholine in your brain, something that fires up the engines in the brain cells. But Choline Punch works better than only guaranine because it is the power packed formula that can ensure slow release due to the good fats that are included in the formula.

So forget about feeling nervous and get yourself the ability for an action-packed day – everyday and throughout the day!

Price: $34.95

Contents: 16 Oz.

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Brain Support

The loss of memory and mental clarity is common as you age. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and wait for it to happen. There are nutrients your body uses as “brain food” to maintain a sharp mind and good memory.

Dr. Sears’ Brain Support uses a combination of these powerful brain boosters, like phosphatidyl serine, a clinically proven phospholipid that has been shown to have a positive effect on memory loss and cognitive decline associated with aging.

By giving your brain the nutrients it needs every day, you can protect against the damaging effects of aging on your brain. Brain Support will help keep your memories fresh and your mind sharp.*

Primal Force’s Biotin

Biotin – or vitamin B7 – plays an important role in energy metabolism. It helps four essential enzymes break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This is especially helpful for diabetics or anyone with high blood sugar.

Clinical testing shows higher blood levels of biotin promotes healthy blood glucose levels. Biotin improves your body’s use of glucose and gives you a safe and easy way of managing your blood sugar.*

Primal Force’s Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA is one of the most effective free radical fighters known to medical science. It plays a vital part in the production of cellular energy and is known as the “Universal Antioxidant” because of its ability to fight free radicals in both the fatty and water areas of cells. Taking ALA also recycles and extends the life of other free radicals fighters like Vitamin C, E, and CoQ10.*

Supplemental ALA is crucial in today’s modern world, as ALA manages your body’s “antioxidant network,” giving you the power to eliminate dangerous threats before they can cause serious problems.*