Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support
Complete Support for Normal Thyroid Function

Almost everyone’s heard somebody say, “I can’t help being overweight. It’s my hormones.” There may be more truth to this than we know.

Low levels of thyroid hormone may not require medical treatment, but they can cause unwelcome weight gain.

Maintaining normal weight is just one good reason to promote thyroid health. A healthy thyroid also supports normal homocysteine and cholesterol levels. It helps maintain healthy nails and skin. Your thyroid can affect your energy levels… and even your moods.

Here’s one more good reason to promote a healthy thyroid:  Normal thyroid activity is also important for heart health.

Fortunately, you can finally do something to support normal thyroid function. Primal Force Thyroid Support encourages normal thyroid activity by providing the nutrients your body needs to keep this important gland humming.

Support Beyond Basic Nutrition

Getting enough of the right nutrients can promote normal thyroid function. And that’s why Thyroid Support provides…

  • Hard-to find iodine. If you’ve cut your salt intake, you’ve also cut iodine. And iodine is critical for thyroid health.
  • Selenium. This rare mineral supports normal levels of the critical thyroid hormones T3 and T4.
  • Copper and zinc. Animal studies suggest these two minerals are essential for healthy thyroid function.
  • L-Tyrosine. This building block of all thyroid hormones gives your body the raw materials it needs to maintain healthy hormone levels.

Plus, Thyroid Support delivers powerful thyroid-boosting herbs and other vitamins and minerals your body needs to promote normal thyroid function.

If a sluggish thyroid is dragging you down… causing you pain… taking the life out of your skin and hair… or even packing on unwanted pounds… Thyroid Support’s balanced nutrition can get you back in the game.

Primal Snack

Feeling Guilty about Snacking?

Primal Snack Gives You Energy on Demand

Without the Risk of Getting Fat…

Primal Force Primal Snack Primal Snack is a guilt-free “power food.” Dr. Sears’ low-glycemic formula means you can just about eat as many as you like – any time of day – without getting fat or putting on a single ounce of extra weight. And gives you an extra burst of energy when you need it.

Unlike all the processed snacks you see in your local grocery store, it’s not full of artificial sweeteners, empty carbs and all the junk that crashes your blood sugar half an hour after you eat it.

Even better, Primal Snack is naturally sweet and surprisingly delicious. It’s perfect when you’re on the go, when you need a little “pick me up,” or as a quick meal replacement.

Primal Probiotics

Fight the bad ones with the good ones – Dr. Sear’s Primal Probiotic laden with healthy bacteria is clinically proven to battle stomach acids

We have all studied in school that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria and it is important to ensure a healthy balance of good bacteria over bad bacteria to be able to sustain a healthy life. While there are many products in the market that deliver these good bacteria to you in a formula, the fact is that these products tend to have a short shelf life and most of these ‘live organisms’ are dead even before you start to consume the stuff.

To add to that most of these good bacteria and probiotic products get killed in stomach acids and bile salts when consumed.

Dr. Sears understands the manner in which probiotics work and therefore here is a formula that has been proven to fight stomach acids and bile salts to successfully reach into your digestive system so that it can be beneficial to you. In addition to that the probiotics in this product have been clinically proven to survive up to a year in the bottle.

The friendly bacteria in Primal Probiotics help in more ways than one:

  • Aids good digestion
  • Ensures that you do not have to sit in the washroom for hours every day
  • Helps reduce the negative effects of taking antibiotics and restores a good balance of good bacteria
  • Restores and strengthens the immune system
  • Aids in better absorption of nutrient, vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes colon health
  • Helps cell growth and maintenance
  • Helps manage lactose intolerance

Primal probiotic has 8 kinds of friendly bacteria that can fight off bile salts and stomach acids to carry out their function of protection your body against the bad ones. This formula has been augmented with unique and special prebiotics that support probiotics with the fiber that they need to survive. This prebiotic and probiotic combination is the first of its kind and a breakthrough product that you will not find elsewhere.

In a bottle of Primal Probiotic you get more than 35 billion friendly bacterial cells and you can carry your bottle of good health with you where you want to since these do not need refrigeration.

The gut is the source of many health problems! Get it in order with Primal Probiotic and avoid any other issues from cropping up. So start protecting your digestive tract today with Dr. Sear’s Primal Probiotic.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 30 capsules

Primal Force’s Primal Lean

West African Herb Discovery makes Weight Loss as Easy as a Cakewalk

Don’t you just hate the fact that your jeans seem to be getting tighter and tighter by the day and you no longer have the heart to wear that off shoulder dress that you once looked gorgeous in. But every time you make a vow never to touch sweets and junk food, the doughnut just looks so appetizing. And running endlessly on the treadmill is just so boring.

But what if you had access to the most amazing new discovery that could just melt your fat away? Primal Lean is just that product that helps you look slimmer every week. You can see the results in front of the mirror as you see those jeans slip on easily.

The great thing about Primal Lean is that it is made from completely natural ingredients and herbs deep from the forests of West Africa. This special herb from West Africa resets your body to what it was when you were in college, a body that would naturally resist the formation of fat cells. Called irvingia gabonensis this herb is the basis of the slimming formula in Primal Lean.

The discovery of this herb is changing the manner in which the world looks at slimming and weight loss. And you don’t need to go to the jungles of Africa to get this wonderful formula. You can get the benefits of this slimming wonder in Dr. Sear’s weight loss formula called Primal Lean.

Primal Lean is probably the easiest weight loss formula that has ever been created where you do not need to spend hours in the gym trying to burn fat or eat almost non-existent helpings of delicious food. A natural formula that helps the body burn fat naturally without any side effects, Primal Lean is just what you need.

Price: $46.96
Contents: 60 capsules

Primal Force Power Bars

New “Caveman Formula” Gives You Real Power Fast
Get Reliable Energy When You’re On-the-Go
Dr. Sears put the caveman’s nutrition secret into a portable power bar you can eat anytime, anywhere…

Your ancient ancestors had everything in the right balance: An abundance of lean protein, healthy carbs in low doses and lots of good fats. Dr. Sears put this perfect balance into a convenient and great-tasting super food: The PRIMAL FORCE Power Bar

If you’re like most Americans, you’re not getting what you need to stay active, alert and on the move. It’s easy to fall short on protein, load up on carbs and get all the wrong fats. And when you look for something to keep you going, it’s usually full of sugar, caffeine or empty carbs – all the stuff that makes you fall on your face in about 30 minutes flat!

Primal Force’s Policosanol

Policosanol is an extract of plant waxes used to naturally maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Clinical studies show policosanol works as well as FDA-approved drugs, but is free of toxic side effects. Taking policosanol:

  • Supports reduction of “bad” LDL cholesterol*
  • Promotes “good” HDL cholesterol*
  • Is non-toxic to your liver, even at extremely high doses*

Policosanol is safe and effective, and less expensive than most prescription drugs.

PACE Primal Power Egg Protein Powder

Many experts in the field of nutrition are finally waking up to what athletes, body builders, and long-lived people already know…

Egg protein is the most complete form of protein available.

Eggs may be the only 100% complete food. They have all the vitamins and minerals you need. They are the only protein source with a quality rating of 100, because they have every amino acid you need in exactly the ratios you need.

Eggs: Natures Perfect Protein

Eggs are the highest-quality protein you can eat, cooked or raw. You’ll absorb a raw egg in as little as 30 minutes, where it takes 2 to 4 hours to digest cooked eggs.

If you don’t like the idea of guzzling raw eggs, Dr. Sears developed PACE Primal Power egg protein powder. Just mix one scoop with 8 oz. of water or your favorite beverage, and you’ll get 24 grams of pure egg protein packed with essential amino acids and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

PACE Muscle Up

Protein Programs Your Body to Burn Fat…
Now You Have the Cleanest, Most Powerful Source

Muscle UpProtein programs your body to burn fat. It throws a “metabolic switch” and tells your body that it’s okay to burn fat.

Here’s why…

Your body’s number one priority is survival. And protein is your body’s most prized power source. Your body keeps fat on reserve for one reason: to prevent starvation.

But when your body has all the protein it needs, its survival is not threatened. It then feels “safe” enough to start burning off its fat stores.

In fact, this is the easiest, most reliable way of triggering high-speed fat loss. And, you’ll guarantee your body has the building blocks it needs for your best health.

But here’s the problem…

Commercial protein powders come from cattle that are raised in an unnatural environment. Worst of all, they are deprived of eating their native diet, which is grass. Instead, they are fed wheat, corn, and soy. These grains are unnatural for cows. So, by the time they reach maturity, grain-fed cattle are sick and diseased.

The protein cultivated from grain-fed cows is compromised and denatured. You get all the hormones and antibiotics that were pumped into the cow, which may be in a more concentrated form.

Dr. Sears has found the solution that you won’t find anywhere else…

He has secured a grass-fed whey protein that comes exclusively from free-roaming, pasture-fed cows. They enjoy a grass-only diet with no exposure to chemicals, toxins, or other dangerous drugs.

The whey protein from grass-fed cows is fresh and potent. You’ll feel the difference.

Equally impressive is what you won’t find:

NO high-fructose corn syrup…

  • NO trans fats…
  • NO gluten…
  • NO soy protein…
  • NO aspartame or artificial sweeteners…

Just the cleanest, most powerful source of whey protein available.

Native Slim

Dr. Sears’ Revolutionary New Delivery System Makes Your Appetite Disappear for Hours at a Time*

Native Slim effectively reduces your appetite without drugs or diet pills.

You don’t need prescriptions or phony formulas that make big promises. I’ve developed a new way to safely and gently take your mind off hunger.

In a matter of seconds you can fight cravings and overcome the urge to overeat. And the effect lasts for hours. Think of it as your portable fat fighter.

It’s safe, reliable, works in minutes and goes wherever you go. Imagine Just 2 pumps from a convenient spray kicks your hunger to the curb anytime you want.

L-Carni Fuel

Fuel Your Body in 7 Different Ways…

Primal Force’s L-Carni Fuel Primal Force L-Carni Fuel gives you the potent benefits of L-carnitine in a highly absorbable liquid form.

L-carnitine is a powerful amino acid that plays a vital role in many different functions necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Primal Force L-Carni Fuel provides your body with seven key benefits:

  • Fights aging by helping your cells generate more energy. When your cells have energy, your tissues and organs stay healthy.
  • Battles the bulge by helping to decrease body fat mass and promote lean muscle mass.
  • Increases mental alertness and support the health of nerve cells as you age.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Supports sperm count, motility, and maturation.
  • Enhances exercise by improving sports performance and endurance, and reducing the free radical damage that can occur during exercise.
  • Helps increase insulin sensitivity and promotes normal blood sugar levels.

L-Carni Fuel is superior to other forms of L-carnitine supplements. Its liquid form ensures maximum absorption for maximum benefit.