Primal Force’s Sensuality

The Best Way for a Woman to Keep her Sex Drive Alive

Dr. Sears Primal Force Sensuality formula helps you gain sexual desire like never before and also gives you the energy and ability to perform.

The reason why many women lose interest after a few years is because they are not aware of this one special and secret natural ingredient that they need to feel the maximum impact of sexual pleasure. This elixir is present in your own system but unfortunately modern science does not capitalize on natural ways to make you feel better and live a fuller life.

Primal Force’s Sensuality influences your systems to ensure the greatest pleasure, optimum desire and excitement. You may be surprised that it is not only men who need testosterone. Lack of this hormone can lead women to feel lethargic, tired and listless. There is also a lack of motivation and a lack of desire to do anything. Women also need to know that without a surge of blood flow there is no way that sexual pleasure can be felt adequately.

So what you need to boost that desire is a boost in testosterone levels and better blood flow. And this is when you can experience things that you have never experienced before.

Try Sensuality and you will know for sure. There are no side effects and if you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund!

So put this product to the test today and see how it comes out with flying colors.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 60 capsules

Native Slim

Dr. Sears’ Revolutionary New Delivery System Makes Your Appetite Disappear for Hours at a Time*

Native Slim effectively reduces your appetite without drugs or diet pills.

You don’t need prescriptions or phony formulas that make big promises. I’ve developed a new way to safely and gently take your mind off hunger.

In a matter of seconds you can fight cravings and overcome the urge to overeat. And the effect lasts for hours. Think of it as your portable fat fighter.

It’s safe, reliable, works in minutes and goes wherever you go. Imagine Just 2 pumps from a convenient spray kicks your hunger to the curb anytime you want.

Iodine Complex

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex
provides three beneficial forms of iodine, an essential nutrient

Iodine is required to maintain a balanced thyroid and synthesize the thyroid hormones essential for growth. Research indicates that iodine may also be essential to the healthy development of hair, skin, nails and teeth, along with a host of related emotional benefits.

Iodine is primarily found in the ocean and is usually acquired through our diet. You’ll find it in seafood, kelp and other sea vegetables (seaweed), dairy products and, of course, iodized table salt. But some people, particularly women, need to supplement their diets with additional iodine to promote thyroid health.

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex delivers this essential nutrient as an important ingredient in total body health. Just one capsule a day can help fortify immune functions, promote healthy blood pressure, support heart health, and promote overall health. NOTE: If pregnant or nursing, contact a healthcare professional before use.

If you are concerned about your total physical and emotional health, Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex may be just the element you need to achieve stability and strength.

Ginger Rescue

With 12 Antioxidants More Potent Than Vitamin E

Antioxidants Galore!

You probably know that your body is always under attack from free radicals that are created in the human system along with all the toxins that are in the environment. And if you have been reading health news, then you will also know that antioxidants fight these free radicals and ensure that your body stays fit and healthy.

But did you know that Ginger Rescue contains 12 antioxidants that are far more potent that just Vitamin E? And this is the reason why Ginger Rescue is the best and most effective defense against the onslaught of free radicals and any kind of damage to the cells. This product also helps in making you stay and look younger by not allowing cellular damage to happen at the pace that it would otherwise.

Check out what this great ginger product has to offer in terms of maintaining your health:

  • No more irregularities with a perfect digestive system that functions efficiently each day
  • Pregnant women can kiss morning sickness goodbye
  • Remove nausea caused by any other reason too
  • Ease off the effect of inflammation that can cause various internal health problems
  • Play the sports that you want to with no more aches and pains even at a ripe age of 60
  • Lower LDL or bad cholesterol and plaque

Women can benefit immensely from this product since it eases pain caused during menstruation

Even more amazing is the fact that these are just the few benefits that have been researched and understood so far. As you read this, there are other benefits that are being discovered and documented. Some early studies reveal that Ginger Rescue helps in making blood vessels flexible and therefore healthy. The blood flows better in these vessels and it also supports blood sugar control and management. Needless to say, we all know what better blood flow does to sexual desire and pleasure as well.

While you may consume ginger as part of your meal, Ginger Rescue packs the goodness of ginger in such a manner than eating half a teaspoon is equivalent of consuming 6000mg of fresh ginger. There is no better way of availing of all the benefits of this wonder spice except with Ginger Rescue.

Price: $39.95

Contents: 48 servings

Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim

Dr. Sears’s Brazilian Slim
If you think that your appetite is increasing each day and making your stomach bloat, then Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim is what you need. This amazing formula will help you reduce your appetite while giving you a force of energy to survive the most challenging of days.

The formula is nothing but a special tea made from two special ingredients that have been sourced from the Amazon forests. It gives you a feeling of satiety without taking away the energy.

When you use Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim you can expect:

  • An appetite suppressant that is natural and safe
  • An ability to conquer your food cravings
  • Enough energy to keep you going for the day and later
  • Hunger control that becomes extremely easy

The main active ingredients in Brazilian Slim are Cha de Burge and Guaraná. Both these ingredients are sources from Brazil and are extremely effective in a completely natural way. Cha de Burge is an appetite suppressant that grows in the rain forests of Brazil. It has been used by the natives of the land for centuries because of its weight loss and appetite suppressant properties. It is now served on the boardwalks of some of the most famous beaches of Brazil.

Guaraná is the herb that gives you the energy boost that you need when you are reducing your diet. It keeps you fit and active all through the day and there is no sudden crash that is so typical of caffeine related energy boosters. The herb starts to work slowly in the body and then sustains the energy for hours at end.

Price: $19.95
Contents: 30 bags of tea

Bladder Support 5

Bladder Support 5 Gives You All-Day Confidence

Losing control of your bladder doesn’t have to be a shameful secret… There’s a simple solution.

Bladder Support 5 contains powerful nutrients that give you back control of your bladder.* They’re safe, effective and go to work fast. You don’t need an embarrassing confrontation or an impersonal doctor visit.

You can take care of the problem yourself – at home, right now.

Just imagine…

  • Brimming with confidence as you go from day to day without a single incident.
  • Going on a road trip – and reaching your destination – without stopping every 20 minutes.
  • Walking into a restaurant or shopping mall with no thought of looking for the nearest restroom.
  • Taking your seat at the local movie theater – with a lap full of popcorn – knowing you won’t have to move or get up during the show.

Complete relief from a leaky bladder is not only possible – it’s a reality. Dr. Sears’ Bladder Support 5 has already helped thousands of people find lasting relief… Now it’s your turn!*

Primal Force’s Accel

Revamped with Tocotrienols – Accel gets BETTER!

Now get a better energy boost with the revamped and new Accel formula from Primal Force. Accel has been known to work due to the active form of CoQ10, ubiquinol, the most critical part of the Accel formula. And you need to know that this is the same source of energy that your body’s mitochondria use to generate energy naturally.

But did you know that tocotrienols is extremely active Vitamin E that fight oxidative stress. This wonderful ingredient also helps promote the inflammatory response. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of tocotrienols:

  • Helps improve blood circulation and maintains heart arterial health
  • Ensures that your cholesterol levels and soluble fat blood levels remain in balance
  • Ensures that blood sugar levels remain in the normal range
  • Helps promote health DNA and cell growth

CoQ10 and tocotrienols combined can help support your cardiovascular function by crushing free radicals. The importance of tocotrienols is known by all but the fact is that they are extremely difficult to synthesize and so when you go ahead and buy multivitamin tablets you will see that it says ‘vitamin E as tocopherols’. This is the other half of what vitamin E is supposed to contain. But the manufacturers and the doctors forget to mention how important tocotrienols are since it is so difficult to get commercially.

Dr. Sears brings this unique and never-before formula for you to give you complete energy and vitality as you may have never seen before.

Price: $39.95
Contents: 30 capsules (50mg)

SAVE NOW by ordering 3 months supply