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This website is operated by M. Dietvorst, a passionate fan of Dr. Al Sears since 2006. This site is not only to promote Dr. Al Sears products but also to give the visitor as much information about wellness issues in general.

Primal Force Products and Dr. Al Sears methods are life changing and have been proven to work for countless patients and customers worldwide.

Dr.Al Sears has written six books and more than 500 articles in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging and nutritional supplementation.

This website has been created  to increase awareness of the products and methods that Dr. Al Sears has created over the many years in his career as a Medical Doctor.

I am an affiliate of the company that manufactures and markets the health products you will find on this website, and  these companies will compensate me if you buy any of these products.

To your good health!

M. Dietvorst

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