Fastest Working Diet

Not all dieters have the time and patience to follow the regular steps of losing weight, i.e. eating right and performing exercises. As most people are desperate for immediate results, they prefer following the quick weight loss strategies. But, are there diet plans that work fast? And, what about the fastest working diet? Scroll down to find more info on diet plans that really work, for shedding kilos within a short time.

Diet Plans that Work Fast

When it comes to achieving long-term weight loss, there is no short route. Dieting for a few days or consuming weight loss pills for a few months are all related to temporary results. With such weight loss programs, the chances of manifesting adverse bodily reactions are also high. However, if you search for ways to lose weight fast you will find many of them, some of which are highlighted below:

Carb Free Diet

Th name itself signifies that this diet plan is attributed to consuming foods that contain low or negligible amount of carbohydrates. A good example for this dieting strategy is the Atkins diet. While on this diet, the participants are allowed to consume small servings of carbohydrate free food items (lean protein, white fish, olive oil) frequently. And with no carbohydrate diet, the body utilizes the fat content in the foods as well as deposited fatty tissues as energy sources. This accompanied with physical activities helps in losing weight within no time.

Master Cleanse Diet

The master cleanse diet is known by different names, such as master cleanse lemonade diet, maple syrup diet or simply, lemonade diet. The lemonade juice is prepared with fresh lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper. To get prompt weight loss results with this dieting strategy, a dieter just needs 10 days. Of course, dieters can extend this diet for more days. But, it is to be kept in mind that sticking to only lemonade juice for several days will cause hunger pangs, food cravings, weakness, lightheadedness and alike symptoms of calorie restriction diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is usually followed for seven continuous days. Cabbage soup forms the base of this weight loss diet along with leafy vegetables, non-fatty fruits, lean meat and healthy fluids. Basically, a low fat and high fiber diet, maximum calories come from proteins and dietary fiber; while a few calories are contributed by fats. People who are planning to follow the cabbage soup diet should know some basic tips, like having soup until satiated, drinking lots of water and taking a multivitamin supplement (if required). The cabbage soup recipe can be altered according to personal preference.

Calorie Shifting Diet

Another in the list of fastest working diet plan is the calorie shifting diet. The scientific hypothesis behind this diet is to confuse the body metabolism with variable calorie intake. Like for instance; a dieter is expected to consume the normal calorie requirement for a few days, followed by low calorie intake for some days and again, high calorie intake for a few days. The after result is that the body cannot predict the incoming calories and starts burning fats at a faster rate. If followed correctly, calorie shifting diet is effectual to maintain slim, adorable figure for a long time.

Well! This was all about the fastest working diet plan. There are no serious effects associated with diet plans that work fast, as long as you do not starve yourself and consume plant based food items (or supplements). Nevertheless, going the healthy weight loss method is not so difficult. All you need are exercising tips, nutrition basics and a great determination for your weight loss goals. So, be patient, stick to the healthy diet, perform regular exercises in order to stay slim and fit.

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