How Hypothyroidism Remedies Can Help You Lose Weight

Improves low thyroid and metabolic functions

Improves low thyroid and metabolic functions

Millions of people suffer from a thyroid issue. Some of the symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid are gaining weight or difficulty losing weight; fatigue, low sex drive and feeling cold. The brain’s hypothalamus regulates a variety of important functions including blood sugar levels. Sometimes health care professionals often think these symptoms may be associated with stress, depression, PMS, not enough exercise, and aging.  Your physician will perform a simple test to determine if your symptoms could be from a low thyroid.

It is often a challenge for people with an under-active thyroid to lose pounds. Hypothyroidism slows your metabolism resulting in the endocrine system to change making it difficult to lose for weight loss. Nearly all overweight  patients treated have a metabolic and endocrine dysfunction which contributes to weight gain.

Leptin is a hormone that is a major regulator of body weight and metabolism. Fat cells secrete leptin which increases the fat accumulation. When leptin secretion increases with increased weight, the hypothalamus is signaled that there is enough fat stored. The body is triggered to burn fat instead of continuing to store it. This stimulates the thyroid releasing hormone  as well as the production of hormones.

The resting metabolic rate  of individuals is checked for elevated leptin levels. For these patients to lose weight, they will need to reduce calories by five hundred to six hundred calories a day and exercise for an hour or two a day to normalize their metabolism. One study shows that exercising and fish oil supplements can help. Fish oil returns essential omega-3 fatty acids to the body.

People often leave a physician’s office with an anti-depressant prescription instead of being referred for tests. Women are seven times more likely than men to develop problems and have a one in five chance of developing a problem in their lifetime. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity, untreated are at all time highs.

Treatments for under-active thyroid may focus on the elevated leptin. If leptin is elevated, there are reduced tissue levels. Just about all diabetics are Leptin resistant. This is why it is very difficult for type II diabetics to lose weight.

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