Iodine Complex

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex
provides three beneficial forms of iodine, an essential nutrient

Iodine is required to maintain a balanced thyroid and synthesize the thyroid hormones essential for growth. Research indicates that iodine may also be essential to the healthy development of hair, skin, nails and teeth, along with a host of related emotional benefits.

Iodine is primarily found in the ocean and is usually acquired through our diet. You’ll find it in seafood, kelp and other sea vegetables (seaweed), dairy products and, of course, iodized table salt. But some people, particularly women, need to supplement their diets with additional iodine to promote thyroid health.

Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex delivers this essential nutrient as an important ingredient in total body health. Just one capsule a day can help fortify immune functions, promote healthy blood pressure, support heart health, and promote overall health. NOTE: If pregnant or nursing, contact a healthcare professional before use.

If you are concerned about your total physical and emotional health, Dr. Sears’ PRIMAL FORCE Iodine Complex may be just the element you need to achieve stability and strength.

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