L-Carni Fuel

Fuel Your Body in 7 Different Ways…

Primal Force’s L-Carni Fuel Primal Force L-Carni Fuel gives you the potent benefits of L-carnitine in a highly absorbable liquid form.

L-carnitine is a powerful amino acid that plays a vital role in many different functions necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Primal Force L-Carni Fuel provides your body with seven key benefits:

  • Fights aging by helping your cells generate more energy. When your cells have energy, your tissues and organs stay healthy.
  • Battles the bulge by helping to decrease body fat mass and promote lean muscle mass.
  • Increases mental alertness and support the health of nerve cells as you age.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Supports sperm count, motility, and maturation.
  • Enhances exercise by improving sports performance and endurance, and reducing the free radical damage that can occur during exercise.
  • Helps increase insulin sensitivity and promotes normal blood sugar levels.

L-Carni Fuel is superior to other forms of L-carnitine supplements. Its liquid form ensures maximum absorption for maximum benefit.

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