Primal Energy Spray

Portable Energy Booster from the House of Dr. Sears – Clear your Mind and Boost your Energy!

If you are just not able to keep up with the fast pace that life offers you and keep missing on opportunities due the lack of mental alertness, then what you need to do is try out Primal Energy Spray. This phenomenal product can be carried where you want. It gives you the right level of energy to take you through the day and also help you in restful and undisturbed sleep.

One pump from Dr. Sears Primal Energy Spray and you will get an immediate boost in energy, better focus and concentration, less irritability and mood swings and an ability to think better and with clarity. Dr Sears delivers instant Vitamin B12 to you in this form so that you can cut the mess in your mind to see things clearly and move ahead with focus and determination.

A slight deficiency of this nutrient can make you feel lost, directionless, confused and more. With Dr. Sears Primal Energy Spray, make sure that you never lose a moment of your life. The spray enters the blood stream immediately and gives you that much needed clarity.

Try Primal Energy Spray at no risk with a full guarantee backed by Dr. Sears.

Price: $14.95

Contents: 1 fluid Oz.

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