Primal Force Power Bars

New “Caveman Formula” Gives You Real Power Fast
Get Reliable Energy When You’re On-the-Go
Dr. Sears put the caveman’s nutrition secret into a portable power bar you can eat anytime, anywhere…

Your ancient ancestors had everything in the right balance: An abundance of lean protein, healthy carbs in low doses and lots of good fats. Dr. Sears put this perfect balance into a convenient and great-tasting super food: The PRIMAL FORCE Power Bar

If you’re like most Americans, you’re not getting what you need to stay active, alert and on the move. It’s easy to fall short on protein, load up on carbs and get all the wrong fats. And when you look for something to keep you going, it’s usually full of sugar, caffeine or empty carbs – all the stuff that makes you fall on your face in about 30 minutes flat!

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