Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim

Dr. Sears’s Brazilian Slim
If you think that your appetite is increasing each day and making your stomach bloat, then Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim is what you need. This amazing formula will help you reduce your appetite while giving you a force of energy to survive the most challenging of days.

The formula is nothing but a special tea made from two special ingredients that have been sourced from the Amazon forests. It gives you a feeling of satiety without taking away the energy.

When you use Primal Force’s Brazilian Slim you can expect:

  • An appetite suppressant that is natural and safe
  • An ability to conquer your food cravings
  • Enough energy to keep you going for the day and later
  • Hunger control that becomes extremely easy

The main active ingredients in Brazilian Slim are Cha de Burge and Guaraná. Both these ingredients are sources from Brazil and are extremely effective in a completely natural way. Cha de Burge is an appetite suppressant that grows in the rain forests of Brazil. It has been used by the natives of the land for centuries because of its weight loss and appetite suppressant properties. It is now served on the boardwalks of some of the most famous beaches of Brazil.

Guaraná is the herb that gives you the energy boost that you need when you are reducing your diet. It keeps you fit and active all through the day and there is no sudden crash that is so typical of caffeine related energy boosters. The herb starts to work slowly in the body and then sustains the energy for hours at end.

Price: $19.95
Contents: 30 bags of tea

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