Primal Force’s Choline Punch

Feeling Jittery – Pop in Choline Punch and Get on with it

Get energy that just does not decrease for the action packed days that you have to face with this rain forest herb.

Adding one spoonful of Choline Punch to your beverage in the morning can help you get alert, gain mental clarity, better memory and recall and better motor coordination so that you can get on with the things that you need to do without lapsing.

When Dr. Sears traversed the Amazon forests of Peru, he found this powerful and effective herb that Amazon River Basin Indians use to avert fatigue and to increase stamina. While this is part of folklore, ti has also been seen in some of the experiments that have been carried out.

Along with another brain booster, Choline Punch gives you all that you need to whiz past a day successfully and triumphantly.

The active herb called Paullina cupana contains guaranine. While guaranine belongs to the caffeine family, it has an effect that is slightly different. It does not boost energy immediately only to let you fall down after a few hours. The effect of this active ingredient starts and lasts for the whole day so that you do not have to keep ‘topping up’.

This ingredient helps in releasing acetylcholine in your brain, something that fires up the engines in the brain cells. But Choline Punch works better than only guaranine because it is the power packed formula that can ensure slow release due to the good fats that are included in the formula.

So forget about feeling nervous and get yourself the ability for an action-packed day – everyday and throughout the day!

Price: $34.95

Contents: 16 Oz.

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