Primal Force’s Cod Liver Oil

Nature’s Most Powerful Nutrients by Dr. Sears..

While there is a lot of talk about omega 3 these days, what people are missing out on is the fact that vitamin D is the most effective disease fighter that the body has at its disposal. And this is one nutrient that is probably missing in adequate quantities among all of us.

Now you can get sufficient levels of omega 3 and vitamin D in one supplement so that you do not need to take multiple capsules each day. A teaspoon of Primal Force Cod Liver Oil is packed with all the omega 3 and vitamin D that you need for the day. This will protect your heart, increase your brain power and keep you away from any of those free radical diseases.

The cod liver oil that you get in Dr. Sears prodyc is sourced from the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea. There is absolutely no mercury, toxins, PCB’s or any harmful product in these. Primal Force flavors the supplement with pleasant lime so that there is no fishy after taste.

Benefits of Primal Force Cod Liver Oil are:

  • Delivery of high grade EPA and DHA – the powerhouses of good fats.
  • A highly absorbable form of vitamin D
  • Promotes heart and brain health
  • Encourages a positive mind state
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure

A supplement that is being touted as your single source of overall good health, Primal Force Cod Liver Oil also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, insomnia management, better cholesterol health and strengthening the immune system.

Get the protection that you need with Primal Force Cod Liver Oil today!

Price: $17.00

Contents: 8 fluid ounces

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