Primal Force’s Prosta-Vive

The Prostate Bomb between your Legs

Dr. Sears knows that men are born with something that they will need to manage at some time in life. The prostate is one organ that is likely to give some grief to every man as age advances. Only 1 in 10 men are able to boast of a healthy prostate and good urine flow after the age of 80. Others that are younger also have to start ensuring some form of medication to ensure good prostate health.

Dr. Sears’ Prosta-Vive makes sure that your prostate stays at a healthy size and does not get enlarged as you age. And it also ensures that the urine flow is powerful each time you go to the washroom.

Japanese researchers conducted some studies on one of the ingredients that are found in Prosta-Vive and this is what they found:

  • 92 percent reduction in residual urine
  • 86 percent improvement in urine flow
  • 85 percent drop in the urge to urinate at night
  • 56 percent drop in the feeling of strain during urination.

Don’t wait till you are told by the physician that it is time to get onto a prostate pill. Take action now and prevent issues from occurring with this herbal support for the prostate.

Price: $49.95

Contents: 60 softgels

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