Primal Force’s Smooth On

Never take that Pain Killer Pill Again – Tropical and Effective Solutions for Pain

Have you never had a situation where you can apply as much tropical pain killers as you want but nothing seems to work? Well it obviously happens because there is no way any of those ingredients that are present in the tropical medication will work unless there is a mechanism by which the ingredients can be absorbed in the skin and get to work.

Even though there is no proof of the fact that any of the latest medications work better than the age old aspirin, doctors seem to never get tired of prescribing medicines that have side effects that are probably worse than the pain itself. Some of these latest drugs have known to trigger heart attacks and more.

But this does not mean that you have no choice but to suffer and tolerate the pain. Smooth On by Dr. Sears is a phenomenal formula that obstructs the pain in minutes. Try it and you can see for yourself how the pain just vanishes in a few minutes after you rub it in.

Smooth On was created after deliberate research at the Wellness research Foundation where they wanted to find a better solution to pain management other than those that left you with numerous side effects. The result was Smooth On.

Smooth on has 12 botanical ingredients that are obviously safer than the chemical drugs that you may have used before. There are no side effects whatsoever, let alone those that are as scary as heart attacks. In addition to that with Smooth On you do not have to wait for the pain to reach the sensitive area and start acting – the effect is instantaneous.

So what are you waiting for? Get these drops and say goodbye to pain!

Price: $34.95

Contents: 1 fluid ounce

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