Primal Max

Revolutionary 1-2 Punch Cranks Your Performance into Over Drive
Imagine… feeling like a 20-year old. Having that nearly-uncontrollable libido raging through your body once again… and experiencing firm, dependable erections.

The Red and Black way to Take your Performance all the Way Up There!

Have you given up hope of ever getting back the libido levels that you had once? Does it feel that it has been ages since you had that slightly uncomfortable and almost painful erection that would make you rush to the washroom? Getting back those high performing erections is now possible.

The Primal Max formula is an everlasting formula that your body will never get sensitized to. Primal Max Red and Primal Max Black ensure that you can take these forever and be assured of effectiveness each time. When you use Primal max you do not have to start your search all over again after a few months because you can take this product for as long as you wish.

Both primal Max Red and primal Max Black depend on nature’s own method of getting you started. NO2 or Nitric Oxide is what was responsible for the hard and long lasting erections that you got when you were in your teens. And this is the compound that Primal Max draws upon to give the best and most natural ‘hard ons’ that you can ever hope for.

Primal Max has 3 Nitric Oxide boosters that aid a stronger rush of blood towards your ‘unit’. The Black formula has been developed to increase your sexual desire (so be careful when you take it!). Not only will you want to get cozy more often you will also delight your partner with your perfect performance each time.

With a proven history of revving up the engines, primal Max has empirically shown how it can increase man’s sex drive. And it comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee so that you have nothing to lose as you check out the efficacy of this wonder product!
Price of combo pack: $99.97
Contents: 30 capsules of 50mg each

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