Primal Snack

Feeling Guilty about Snacking?

Primal Snack Gives You Energy on Demand

Without the Risk of Getting Fat…

Primal Force Primal Snack Primal Snack is a guilt-free “power food.” Dr. Sears’ low-glycemic formula means you can just about eat as many as you like – any time of day – without getting fat or putting on a single ounce of extra weight. And gives you an extra burst of energy when you need it.

Unlike all the processed snacks you see in your local grocery store, it’s not full of artificial sweeteners, empty carbs and all the junk that crashes your blood sugar half an hour after you eat it.

Even better, Primal Snack is naturally sweet and surprisingly delicious. It’s perfect when you’re on the go, when you need a little “pick me up,” or as a quick meal replacement.

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