Remain young genetically!

This formula by Dr. Sears uses nutritional engineering to ensure that you can activate anti-aging genes to come to your aid when you are otherwise naturally aging. This phenomenal discovery helps you decide by way of natural products, the genes that you want activated.

Using this you can stay free from the issues that your family history brings along with chronic diseases and more. So influence your gene code and ensure that the good ones remain active for longer and subdue those that cause issues.

Remain younger and improve longevity by controlling specific genes. Life extending genes are called sirtuins. These are silent information regulator proteins that kick up under stress and can bring about some miraculous changes. These gene cells can send information to all cells in the body and tell them to stop the aging process. But till now no one knew how to get them into action or ‘switch them on’.

Dr. Sears has the answer how to wake up the sleeping sirtuin gene. And it is as easy as using a nutrient to do so. RES3 makes the cells get into a high gear mode promoting health and longevity. The effect of this formula is like a miracle especially when you see the malfunctions stop in their path and change course.

So reverse what genetics has planned for you otherwise and live longer and healthier!

Price: $39.95

Contents: 60 capsules

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