Sacha Inchi

Medical Breakthrough by Dr. Sears Helps you Benefit from the Best Plant Source of Omega 3 from the Amazon

In search for quaint, effective and potent herbs for good health, Dr. Sears travelled the highlands of Peru and into the forests of the Amazon in the fall of 2006. And this is when he found one of the world’s best kept secrets – the flavorful and aromatic oil that is used by the local Indians even as they battle mosquitoes the size of tennis balls.

Sacha Inchi is a plant that is 48 percent omega 3 and this is what makes it the richest plant source of omega 3 on Earth. The oil is so flavorful and light that you can drink it from the bottle if you do not want to add it into your meal.

Dr. Sears did his research and then introduced this wonderful source of omega 3 to the Unites States. Since then word has spread as thousands of Americans are benefitting from this amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Not only can you consume the oil as is, you can also add it to salads and fish and poultry since it has a nice nutty flavor. It is oil that you can use similar to the manner in which you would use olive oil. Sacha Inchi is light oil that tasty and is easily absorbable by the body. It starts working on your system to make it healthy as soon as you consume it.

Some of the power-packed benefits of Sacha Inchi include:

  • Increases HDL or good cholesterol and lower the dangerous triglycerides
  • Better calcium absorption leading to good bone density and lower bone loss
  • Removes morning stiffness, painful or swollen joints
  • Aids in calming you down, reducing anxiety, mood management and eases issues of attention

Put Sacha Inchi on your table and you will never have to worry about the fishy after taste that you egt with other Omeag 3 supplements ever!

Price: $24.95

Contents: 250 ml

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