The Benefits Of Probiotics

With a big push towards a greener and healthier society, many people interested in natural health remedies have been particularly interested in complementary and alternative medicine.

So what exactly are probiotics, anyway? Probiotics are live microscopic organisms, aka good bacteria, that live in the intestines.  Their job is to eat the bad bacteria before they can make you sick.

To get an idea of how probiotics work, let’s consider the ocean.  A healthy ocean has a deep blue color with a fresh clean scent.  Fish caught in healthy waters look fresh and smell like the sea.  This is a result of the micro-organisms in the ocean that feed on the bad bacteria.  The good bacteria allow us to enjoy a clean and healthy ocean.

Therefore, probiotics can give your immune system a boost to help get rid of the harmful toxins that get into your body in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.  The good bacteria has been used to treat bladder cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal disorders.

Foods like yogurt and miso have naturally occurring probiotics. In addition, “live” cultures may be added to certain milk, soy and juice beverages. Also, dietary supplements are available in tablet, capsule and powder forms.

What’s the difference between between probiotics and antibiotics.  The main difference is that antibiotics kill some of the “good” bacteria while it attacks the “bad” bacteria.  As a result, some people like to take probiotic dietary supplements after an illness to boost their immune system and replenish their supply of good bacteria.

Foods containing “live” organisms have been around since ancient times and are considered safe and effective.  Most individuals will not experience any side effects.  Those that do tend to be gastrointestinal related in the form of mild gas and bloating.

Small amounts of probiotics can help make you feel healthy and give your immune system a boost so your body can fight infections, naturally. You should consult with your health care provider before using probiotic products especially if you already have a low immune system.

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